Sunday, February 8, 2009

A New Year - New Travels

Well, I didn't do a very good job of keeping my blogs updated this past year. I just go so busy. I resolve to do better, but I also resolve not to persecute myself if I don't.

Karen, Brenda and I did hook up at the end of July in Snowbird Resort, Utah. Funny how all my trips were out west this year. However, everywhere I went was just gorgeous and Snowbird was no exception. One morning we hiked up to Cecret Lake which put us at 9,500 ft (we only hiked about half mile after driving to the entrance point). Others were also hiking. It was before 8 am because we all hoped for a moose sighting. But even 8 is not early enough. However, I kept hearing people break into "The hills are alive..." cause that is what it looked like. The snow had only melted in late June so the spring wild flowers were just peaking. It was incredible. Karen's company dinner was at a place called La Caille. It was stunning. Acres of grounds that were landscaped like some fairy tale European setting and we did other fun things like the Alpine Slide, zip line and a long hike down a mountain after we took the tram to the top. Now, I know why people use those walking sticks... and note to self... take hiking boots (not tennis shoes) to the mountains!

The holidays were awesome. Carla and I spent Thanksgiving in Tulsa on a whim. We'd been invited to a friends party on Friday. Booked a room at the Double Tree downtown on priceline for $50 and then Carla did something nice for the reservationists and we got upgraded to a suite. I'm just thinking how that must sound! ha-ha. But the reservationists had been promised the T-day buffet if they worked the holiday. But they weren't told til they got there that they had to wait until the buffet closed at 3. They were just feet away from the overwhelming smells of food and they were starving and cranky. Once we got our food Carla smuggled some food to them in her back pack and they were so grateful they upgraded the room.

I had some time off at Christmas and really enjoyed treating myself to all kinds of fun things including snowtubing down at the ball park. Kyle, Cascha, Amberly, Carla and I had a wonderful meal at the Skirvin Hotel, toured the Christmas lights and opened presents. Next year I think we may plan to spend the night downtown, it was so much fun.

January is my birthday month and I celebrated even into the first week of February. Did all kinds of fun things including seeing Christopher Cross at a small theatre and The Color Purple on stage. February is shaping up to be the same kind of busy. Amberly has her first birthday coming up so I am planning a short trip to see the kids at the end of the month. We had a couple of really nice, almost spring days this week, but today another winter storm of some kind is blowing in.