Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sherrie's Family Updates

Hello everyone! I've created a blog site with photos so we can all stay in easily in touch. Visit the site often to see new updated photos of friends and family and to read the latest comings and goings of the Jackson/Phillips family.

If you haven't heard already, Kyle and Cascha have moved to Sullivan, Missouri. Just 40 minutes southwest of St. Louis. Kyle has taken a Sr. Pastor position. See my slideshow for a few photos of their neighborhood. Their baby girl is due February 28 and we very excited about the new addition to the family. And NO! You may not call me grandma, nanny or any version there of! ha-ha. I am toying with being called Gi-Gi but in the end I'm sure she'll give me her own special name. In the meantime I will answer to Gi-Gi unless somebody out there has a better idea!

When I am not at my day job, this year I have been furiously decorating & painting for profit. The money has gone to my many travels; Sante Fe, Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, Alburquerue Balloon Fest & Sullivan/St. Louis/Chicago at Thanksgiving. As time permits I will upload a few more photos.

That's it for now...Christmas is around the corner and I will take some time to recuperate from my busy year. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hannakah, Merry Kawanza, and a Happy Ho-ho-ho to one and all!

P. S.: if you click on the picture/slideshow it will take you to my flickr site where you can get a bigger view of the photos.